MCIF becomes a strategic partner in IFFSA

MCIF LTD has been offered the opportunity to participate as a strategic partner in the first Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia held in Ramada Columbo, Sri Lanka from 26th – 27th of July this year. Our Chairperson along with our Managing director and a board member will be among the panelist of the forum.

Islamic Finance in South Asia has firmly taken root, with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives offering IF as a mainstream product, under the purview of the respective regulatory bodies. The event will discuss the challenges and the potential for the region as a whole, given that South Asia as a bloc comprises the largest concentration of Muslims in the entire world, surpassing even that of the Middle East.

The key topics of discussion in the conference are;

• The Future of Islamic Finance in South Asia
• Country Presentations –Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
• Creating a hub for Islamic Finance in South Asia
• South Asia – leveraging off the potential for South Asia.
• Cross Border opportunities including listing on foreign Exchanges.
• Off-shore Funding opportunities – Lessons from other jurisdictions
• Sovereign Sukuk
• Banking for the “unbankable” – Is Islamic Microfinance a Success Story or still a Work in Progress
• Creating a common platform and the formation of a South Asian Islamic Finance Association (SAIFA)
• Takaful in South Asia – Development and Challenges
• The role of Capital Markets in IBF.