Managing Director of MCIF meets Minister of Islamic Affairs

The Managing Director of Maldives Center for Islamic Finance Ltd (MCIF), Mr Ibrahim Didi met with the Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Ahmed Ziyad Baqir today, to discuss the work being carried out under the MCIF mandate to develop the Islamic Finance and Halal industry and to find out areas in which MCIF can collaborate with the Islamic Ministry.

Issues discussed included the requests being made to MCIF by some Maldivian resorts for halal accreditation for some of their food outlets. Mr Didi also highlighted the importance of issuing halal certification for local food outlets. This is because MCIF recognizes the importance of halal certification in a country which is an important Muslim and non-Muslim tourist destination and halal certification encompasses both Halal (Permissible) and Tayyib (Wholesome). In addition, MCIF shared the progress of the work being carried for the development of a halal resort in the country.