Month: July 2019

Maldives Islamic Finance Report 2018 Launched

Maldives Centre for Islamic Finance (MCIF) on Thursday 18th July, launched Maldives Islamic Finance Report 2018 made in collaboration with Refinitiv Thompson Reuters. The first of its kind report was unveiled by the Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority, Mr. Ahmed Naseer. The launching took place in the ceremony that was held in Hotel Jen to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Amana Takaful. Amana Takaful played a quintessential role in developing Islamic Finance, supporting and driving global innovation into the Maldivian Islamic Finance climate.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ahmed Naseer thanked MCIF for this creative initiative to launch the Maldives Islamic Finance Report 2018 in collaboration with Thomson Reuters and highlighted the importance of such information in the development of the Islamic Finance industry. Managing Director of MCIF noted that the Islamic Finance Country Report prepared by Thomson Reuters is a very special initiative of MCIF which will provide insights to policymakers, investors and other stakeholders on the status of Islamic Finance in the country and the future potential of the industry.

Maldives Centre for Islamic Finance was established with the aim of broadening the Islamic capital market along with creating innovative products for fund raising in Shariah compliant ways. The Maldives Islamic Finance Report 2018 is an indicative measure to where Maldives has progressed financially and economically. It includes Islamic Finance regulations, milestone, landscape and the roadmap of the Maldives. Despite being a small island nation with its various constraints and challenges, Maldives has attained significant achievements within a short period of time.